Crystal Gallery

image of calcite crystal

CaCO3 (big crystals) with Dolomite CaMg(CO3)2 and Chalcopyrite CuFeS2 (yellow),
Sweetwater Mine,
Reynolds County, Missouri USA

image of calcareous spar (calcite)

Calcareous Spar (Calcite) showing birefringence.

image of Pyrite or iron pyrite

Pyrite or iron pyrite FeS2.

image of Celestine

Celestine SrSO4, Madagascar

image of Grossular (garnet)

Grossular (garnet) - Ca3Al2Si3O12, near Lake Jaco, Chihuahua, Mexico

image of copper sulfate

Copper Sulfate - CuSO4 - One of the first crystals to be examined by x-ray diffraction.

image of quartz

Quartz - A crystal that comes in left and right-handed forms.

image of magnetite

Magnetite - Fe2O4
Serro, Minas Gerais,

image of beryl

Beryl - Be3Al2Si6O18
Hexagonal Crystal
Colorado USA

image of a single crystal of pyrite

Pyrite - FeS2

image of stibnite

Stibnite - Sb2S3
Used as an eyeliner by Cleopatra. Called kohl when used as an eyeliner.

image of sylvite - KCl

Sylvite - KCl
Carlsbad, New Mexico USA

image of hematite

Hematite - Fe2O3
Mina Casa de Pedra,
Minas Gerais, Brazil

image of quartz on sphalerite

Quartz - SiO2 on
Sphalerite - (Zn, Fe)S
Kapnik, Maramures, Romania